The word 'Relief' relates to deep religious conviction. The name goes back to 1773  when the Relief Presbytery was recognised as a community group in Irvine.  Even through the unions of 1847, 1900 and, with the Church of Scotland, in 1929, the church always retained 'Relief' in its name.

The original church was built in West Road,  In 1977, during a period of re-building going on in the new town of Irvine, the congregation was 'transported' to the burgeoning  new housing estate in Bourtreehill, where the church now plays a leading role in community life.

(The story of the Relief' Church is told in Elizabeth Crawford's 'The History of Relief Parish Church' published by John Geddes, 1987)

Relief Church of Scotland, Irvine

Registered Charity Number – SC002469 


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