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Dear Friends,

As the Christian Church celebrated the astonishing, good news of Easter with its triumphant message of Jesus Christ the result of a recent survey published. This survey makes grim reading as it shows that only 3% of this country's population was in Church on what is arguably the greatest day in the Church's calendar. Scotland, which was affectionately known as, 'The Land of the Bible' seems to have turned away completely.

When we look to our own community we need to ask ourselves some serious questions. Why has the Church become irrelevant to so many? Is the message of the Gospel, the Good News found in Jesus Christ still relevant for today? If we believe that the Gospel is still relevant, how to we get alongside people that they might hear its message of peace, love and hope? How can we make known the blessings of fellowship and friendship we have experienced through our involvement in the life of the Church? How can we, in a positive way, share those qualities of joy and peace that we have found through our relationship with Jesus? 

These questions in some way highlight the greatest challenge facing the Church today. How we answer these questions are vitally important. As we seek to answer these questions we should be mindful that the message of Easter leads us to the incredible events of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came with power and enabled the disciples to go into a world very much like the world today, bringing men and women to a knowledge and experience of Jesus to their lives. We too have been promised the guidance and strength of the Holy Spirit as we go and witness to Jesus Christ and all that he offers.

Our future depends on each one of us being open to God's Spirit, developing those gifts we need if we are to be effective in our witness. So may each one of us be prepared to go forward in the power of the Spirit and share with others the Good News of Jesus Christ, crucified and risen, the one who alone can give 'life in all its fullness.' 

With every blessing

Andrew R Black


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